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Brian and River have escaped the Houses, but can they survive Los Angeles on their own? Drugs and childhood demons seem set to destroy them. Not to mention working the streets....

Is their love and Brian’s music enough to survive the ultimate test? Crisis leads to a journey across the country to face the past, to Arizona to find peace, and finally to Portland, Oregon to find a home.


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Afterglow named Finalist in international 2011 Indie Book Awards (GLBT category).

Afterglow named Finalist in USA Book News Best Books 2010 (Gay/Lesbian category). Read more here.

Naked in the Rain named WINNER in The Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2008 in the GLBT category. Check News for Wood's other Awards.

Naked in the Rain


They seem like opposites: River's a troubled teen who loves to fight; Brian is a piano prodigy who attempted suicide. But together they forge a bond beyond anything they imagined.

River and Brian run away with dreams of escaping their abusive homes and exploring the world. But reality hits as they wander the streets of Los Angeles: no money, no food, nowhere to go. Until they meet a stranger who will change their lives forever….

Lured into a world of drugs, sex and power; a world of seductive beauty and terrible secrets.

Can they escape? Do they want to?

Featuring lyrics by The Cure, Tori Amos, Placebo, PJ Harvey, Smashing Pumpkins, Bauhaus, and more.

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Naked in the Rain is the award-winning debut novel from Eowyn Wood. In addition to her work as an author, she performs editing for Crooked Hills Publishing and works at a non-profit AIDS service organization. She resides in Portland, Oregon with her partner, three cats and a Chihuahua.


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